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Thursday, June 23, 2016

What is Happy? What makes You Happy?

Happiness is one of the very basic feeling human have since birth, and I'm sure we know exactly how it feels to be happy. But more than anything, this happiness can actually be divided into 2 types, temporary and real.

A temporary happiness often shown in a form similar to fake happiness or "just" happy, which is only last a few seconds or minutes. As for a real happiness, it's basically last much longer and often remembered as happy memories, although some of this happy memories often be forgotten by people as they grew up or "have a change of heart".

Happiness is actually quite a dynamic thing, it could be really basic that you might forgot the essence of it and it could also be really complicated, also hard to do, especially when you're psychologically depressed. I won't explain the common basic and easy side of happiness, since we all already know that naturally.

I will tell you about the hard side of happiness that often mistaken as an act of bravery or being really nice. Well that is half true. More than that, this happiness is way more heroic, since the real meaning of it is "self sacrificing". And this happiness is not something you receive, but rather something you give. As for the one who receive it, he/she will feel or gain happiness.

The hard side of it isn't on the result or source, but in the process. The giver must give without asking any repayment or return of kindness. Of course to be able to do this naturally, you have to be a really kind person, but not necessarily have to be someone who have a kind trait/personality. While you give, there will always be a reason which will force you to give, and it's entirely your choice to want to give or not. Most importantly, after you give you must not regret it as much as you could, even if it's something that is really regrettable. Sometimes you won't feel regret but pain, as this happiness usually require you to sacrifice something of your own, whether it's small or big to you.

This kind of happiness is actually quite common in society, but most people usually evade it. It's become happiness if the receiver become happy, but for the giver it just an act of kindness no matter what the result is. Most people who become the giver usually realize what they've lost/sacrificed from doing this after the act, especially if it's just a small/not really important thing to him/her who give.

- "I post it as just an information for people, especially those who usually receiving happiness/kindness, so that you could think twice before you makes a respond. Make sure you won't hurt him/her if this kindness is actually a "self sacrificing" act for them." -

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