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Thursday, September 08, 2016


I recommend you to read about my "Manipulating" post or searching about manipulation first before you read this one so that you can understand what I mean here.

So I'm gonna teach you of what "Self-Manipulation" means. It might sounds like very imaginative or something related to psychic powers and such. You're free to think of it like that if you want, but THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT.

You know what manipulating mean? If you don't than search for it first, because in this topic, Self-Manipulation is manipulating yourself not directly in your physical body but from your mind or "heart". Doing this means that you want to force somethings or some changes into yourself consciously.

Self-Manipulation is actually something that most people have done unconsciously or unrecognizable, even if it just a little self convincing act. For example when you feel nervous because you have an exam or an upcoming performance on stage, then you said to your self, "I can do it!..." or "keep calm! keep calm!..." to trigger your self confidence and regain your calm. These kind of actions are actually also Self-Manipulation, in suggestive way.

Self-Manipulation acts are commonly used as suggestive and self convincing acts. But what makes me called it as Self-Manipulating acts is when you've pushed it even more to the point where you could instantly change wherever or whenever you are. It takes more time and becomes harder to do when you begin to consciously force the change faster. But once you can control and mastered it, it will make you able to switch freely between your real self and temporary self, you can even merge them temporary if it needed.

Let's just make a Self-Manipulation example:
I am someone who "can and have become" every kind of person I want by adapting, blocking and releasing my personality traits "instantly" whenever I want with whoever I'm interacting with, without erasing my own personality traits. It can only happen if I've "absorbed" the traits I'm needed.

That example above is showing "I" doing Self-Manipulation in order to be able instantly adapting to almost everyone and every situation. But remember to not forget your true self so that you can keep your self from "losing your true self" in the process.

Some of you might gonna think that self manipulating is used to change your self, so to make it clear, this skill is not to change your self, but rather it serve as a "weapon" or alternative option if it needed, without PERMANENTLY change yourself.

If you still think it'll change yourself, thhen perhaps IT IS YOU who wan to change yurself with it.
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