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Sunday, January 20, 2019

I Love You and I Loved You - Letting Go

Before you read this please remember that I write this because I just want to try writing something like this for a change. I'm not even sure if it's actually a poem or something. And who knows it might help some of you going through the "letting go" phase.

I love you
With all my heart
With everything I had
I love the way we were
Laughing at each other
Singing our love songs together
Me to you and you to me
We met by chance and end up with love
This pure love.. is yours.. yours alone
Even when you're gone

You are my love
Your love is not me
Perhaps I never was
I see you are hers
Forgetting our promises.. your promises

Perhaps it's the best
I will let you go
And by the end of the day
I loved you

- I believe words can hold powers and emotions that can't be hold by heart -

Thursday, September 08, 2016


I recommend you to read about my "Manipulating" post or searching about manipulation first before you read this one so that you can understand what I mean here.

So I'm gonna teach you of what "Self-Manipulation" means. It might sounds like it's very imaginative or something related to psychic powers and such. You're free to think of it like that if you want, but THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT.

You know what manipulating mean? If you don't then search for it first, because in this topic, Self-Manipulation is manipulating yourself not directly in your physical body but from your mind or "heart". Doing this means that you want to force somethings or some changes into yourself consciously.

Self-Manipulation is actually something that most people have done unconsciously, even if it is just a little self convincing act. For example when you feel nervous because you have an exam or an upcoming performance on stage, then you said to your self, "I can do it!..." or "keep calm! keep calm!..." to trigger your self confidence and regain your calm. These kind of actions are actually also Self-Manipulation, in suggestive way.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

HOVERBOARD - 2nd Upload

The first “hoverboard” in the world was created by HendoHover Company using Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) or a more efficient way to transmit electromagnetic energy. Hendo is still trying to evolve the Hoverboard and of course the hoverboard created by Hendo’s idea is the nearest one to the actual idea of hoverboard from the movies we’ve known. So this hoverboard is slightly different from what we all really have in mind since it can only be used in certain surfaces that support its magnetism system so far.

Source: http://hendohover.com/

There are several other companies that have tried to make hoverboard too, but most of them seems to end up changing the basic idea of hoverboard itself as self-balancing board, by adding wheel(s), censors, LED lamp, etc.

For  more information about the hoverboard created by Hendo, you can check it on their official website hendohover.com, and for the single wheel hoverboard, click here.

As for my previous post about hoverboard, click this link

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Being an Adult?

In these modern days, have you ever thought of something like "am I already an adult?" or "what is adult?" in your childhood time or somewhere along your life time? Well the answers is most likely different for every individuals.

The point is that this "adult" tittle could be "tricky" sometimes, especially if the you have unique traits, in which could make you wonders "is it what being an adult feels like?" or "is it right being an adult like this?" (depending on the situation though)

Being an adult mostly means KNOW what's right and wrong, BUT NOT ALWAYS DO what's actually right, especially when it comes to LYING. Besides, who never LIE on his/her life? 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Keep on Evolving

Humans have been given their own talents throughout the time, ever since they've been born. And so am I evolving my art skill in drawing and painting, traditional and digital.

You can compare these artworks with my previous traditional artwork

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Main Character as a Supporter

"Humans regrets when things is to late to change, while I will always be there for them without ever asking any return and let my act be forgotten as a shooting star".

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Libera is an all-boy choir group from London, England. They active since 1984, but seems like begun to known by the world since 1995 - present. Their voices are always called heavenly voice or angel voices. You can know more about Libera from Wikipedia or visit their YouTube channel.
(use the link)

"The sound is well, Libera-like, a sound which is both ancient and modern." - Libera

Here are two of their music videos, Carol of the Bells (2015), and Time (2010).