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Saturday, May 28, 2016

What Kind of Game that I want?

This is just my opinion personally, since I am also a gamer, I'm not a hardcore (or really active) player though. To me gaming is fun, really fun, but unfortunately the system kinda makes it boring since the events and quests keeps on repeating (even if it's not 100% the same as before). I admitted that I always easily bored over something once I know it repeated again and again on the system, I guess I can say "I'm fed up with it". But well I keep on playing some of my games, even though I think it's boring already, mainly because of my friends in that game. I just enjoy the moment of talking with my guild-mates or with my gaming friends since all (about 95%) of them usually from overseas.

It's always hard for me to love a game for more than 2 weeks, but some could makes me love it until one month or more. And from all those game, only the RPG ones could make me play it for more than one month, until I've mastered it and have done all the kind of events in it. It would be wonderful if there's a game, especially RPG one, that allows the players to create the quests as well (not just the system) and of course it has to be a strategic game. A game that easily to read after truly understanding the system of it is always bore me in the end, and I quit playing it just like that, though I do miss it sometimes.

The kind of game that I want is has to be a game with a lot of challenge, that it could be considered endless. It also has to be strategic game, and kinda hard to play, but easy to control. I just like something that unpredictable.

-"Well, that is just my opinion. I just wanna write it, because I'm hoping to get some news about games that is kinda like that and haven't play it before" -

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