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Saturday, May 28, 2016


We already now about data manipulating as an ability, and it's actually kinda hard to do. Of course it's also hard to train, unless you have that as gift by God.

Data manipulating is something that should've been known commonly. But for the manipulating it self, we just know how it should be and not how's it "exactly" be done. It's kinda complicated and hard to understand, since well manipulating is really hard, and it could become harder depending on the person who do it and the manipulating scale (big/medium/small).

I don't know if there's someplace somewhere in some country/nation that teach how to manipulating data in school or other learning place. Manipulating data it self is important to some system, workplace, or such. Manipulating data could be good or bad at the same time since it's nature is to "change" the data itself. Changing the data of something means changing the result as well, even if it just changed slightly different from before. Depending what is it that you're manipulating, it could be good or bad. That's why becoming a data manipulator is hard not just because "how to manipulate", but also because of "what to manipulate".

Manipulating in some fiction stories or movies is usually not "just" manipulating data but also manipulating humans or animals, whether it's their mind or their bodies. That idea is not exactly just some fiction idea, because in some rare conditions, it's possible to manipulate humans or animals, though it's not exactly considered manipulating since the extent is just changing their way of thinking or opinion of something. These conditions itself isn't hard to find, but hard to recognized and it needs to be on some level to make a person manipulate other person or animals. To me, manipulating is a skill that everyone have. For example, bargaining price when you're buying goods is also manipulating, but not like "that" kind of manipulating, since you're just manipulating the price a bit and how the seller give the price to you.

So the conclusion is manipulating, especially manipulating data, is important, critical, and kinda fragile to some point. And the manipulator have to be careful not to manipulate things in the wrong way to much so that the result could be good.

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