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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

HOVERBOARD - 2nd Upload

The first “hoverboard” in the world was created by HendoHover Company using Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) or a more efficient way to transmit electromagnetic energy. Hendo is still trying to evolve the Hoverboard and of course the hoverboard created by Hendo’s idea is the nearest one to the actual idea of hoverboard from the movies we’ve known. So this hoverboard is slightly different from what we all really have in mind since it can only be used in certain surfaces that support its magnetism system so far.

Source: http://hendohover.com/

There are several other companies that have tried to make hoverboard too, but most of them seems to end up changing the basic idea of hoverboard itself as self-balancing board, by adding wheel(s), censors, LED lamp, etc.

For  more information about the hoverboard created by Hendo, you can check it on their official website hendohover.com, and for the single wheel hoverboard, click here.

As for my previous post about hoverboard, click this link

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