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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Being an Adult?

In these modern days, have you ever thought of something like "am I already an adult?" or "what is adult?" in your childhood time or somewhere along your life time? Well the answers is most likely different for every individuals.

The point is that this "adult" tittle could be "tricky" sometimes, especially if the you have unique traits, in which could make you wonders "is it what being an adult feels like?" or "is it right being an adult like this?" (depending on the situation though)

Being an adult mostly means KNOW what's right and wrong, BUT NOT ALWAYS DO what's actually right, especially when it comes to LYING. Besides, who never LIE on his/her life? 

An adult life is always full of BUTs and LIES, whether you talk it out loud or just in your mind, and these lies are commonly justified with "I'm lying for your own good." or "it is a good lie, not bad lie". Even if you say it's good, it's still a lie right? Do you even know what the other person feel if he/she knows about it being a lie?

Reality is harsh and sometimes really painful to the point you just wanna run away or die, but think about it people, do you actually prefer a good FAKE fragile path of life by denying the truth (LIE) or do you want to face the truth and WIN your satisfying happy life?

Having happy life with little burden and pain is temporarily joyful, but when the "one you lied to" realize this fake happiness/fake reality, he/she might not be that happy, in fact you might not be trusted anymore, or even worse he/she thought that his/her life might be fake all this time, and it might will lead to many more negative feelings and thoughts.

The choice is yours to make, do you want FAKE or TRUTH? You are you and what you wanna be.
If you want others give you the truth too, then DON'T LIE. Think of how your little lie could become a Pandora box or life destroyer in the future.

- "I think of writing this because I've seen many adults lying and being lied to from time to time with 'that' kind of justification. I just don't think it's right though, even if it's for my own good. And as a Liar, I could sense a fellow Liar and know the lies, which is actually makes me feel really guilty especially when you know that you can't trust anyone, even your own family. Lying is bad even if it's for good. IT'S ONLY MY OPINION AND I'M NOT FORCING YOU TO BECOME A HONEST SAINT IN YOUR LIFE, IT'S YOUR OWN LIFE"

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