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Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Main Character as a Supporter

"Humans regrets when things is to late to change, while I will always be there for them without ever asking any return and let my act be forgotten as a shooting star".

Well I just actually just get this urge to write some wise quotes or something like that. And I get this one from my personal experience. These words could mean differently for each people. It could be nothing and it could also be something, depends on your own life experience.

I make it as a reminder for people that there are some individuals that have such a great potential, holding such a important role in life, where they appear like a lead or hateful individual on their daily life, and at the same time they care for others more than themselves, always helping others, without bragging it nor asking any return of kindness for it. Just be happy as they help others and sharing their own happiness with them, even if in the end, his/her acts is forgotten by others.

In short, every individuals have their on existence, to support and be supported. And a few people in this vast world are different and unique, not the exactly the same as most people or can't do what most people can. Forcing them to be the same as others is like not truly recognizing them for who they really are. It's better to help them to fit in the neighborhood and accepting them as they are for what they can do.

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