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Friday, June 17, 2016

Jungle Rule

I'm sure that we all know what jungle is (if you don't know it, then I feel sorry for you). So  I'll talk about The JUNGLE RULE, but in a different kind of  "JUNGLE".

In the past, when earth is still full of jungle, every living creatures alive must obey the jungle rule, especially the food chain system. As for the present era, we can hardly find any natural and untouched jungle, and the so called food chain by "food" was slowly and steadily replaced with the food chain by "power", "money", "status", etc. Even so, the instinct is still the same for almost every living creatures, therefore it's undeniably true that the jungle rule is still exist, even in the most modern city, where the weak can be "eaten" by the stronger ones. The difference is just that it was applied roughly and "just like that" in the past, while in this era, it's most likely applied with a lot more thoughts and complex system (for human society).

The system of this era is mostly ruled by money and status as the main object that commonly determining how much power a person could hold in this kinda bitter-sweet world.

I personally think it's not all that bad, but many people lost their instinct and their real "path of life" along the way in this world, just like someone who lost in the jungle. This world is still a jungle, even if it's just as an "expression of a jungle" or "literally kinda feel like living in a jungle".

I don't know about all people in the world or about you who read this, but almost everyone I know have lost their natural instinct (intuition) and do thinks mostly with their head alone. It's not that bad to think before doing something, but I think it would be better to be able do all kind of things in this world by both "head" and "heart" (soul/feeling/something like that).

To bad most young people in this era using their heart/feeling mostly for "the love of a lover" or "love or being loved by my lover". I also know it's not wrong or bad, but it's really boring to live my life that way. I'm also one of those young people born in this era by the way.

Losing the passion and instinct while living on "this wild jungle" is really dangerous at some point, that's why I hope you read this and live your with "so few colors" or "pale colors" could start living in a better and exciting way, without losing your self in this "jungle". It's your choice, and this is just my opinion.

- "Fully fill your life with all of your own colors while you still can" -

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