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Friday, May 27, 2016

Little Things that is Forgotten

The world is full of many kind of memories, creatures, mysteries, and other things. We all know that the whole universe is so old and ancient, like a relic or something, but little we know about those knew things that keeps on popping up in this world randomly, whether on earth or universe. That's why we all need to search for those things, creating our new adventures and challenges, challenging the world and ourselves, broaden our little world (in mind/knowledge/experience).

Many people forget about their laughter and most important things as they're grow becoming an adult, and began to remember it as they become old (elder). Some maybe remember the memories, but forget the feeling of that memories. Why is that?

Many people things that being innocent, ignorant, passionate about new things (big and small matters), etc, being a child is really childish, as they're grew up to become an adult. An adult is not childish and reckless, and adult knows what's right and wrong. But that is only for big things and big matters. So many of those people who thinks they've become an adult, ignoring or run away from almost every little things just because "that has nothing to do with me" or "that isn't affecting my life". Well, I don't know about those people, but I think that is childish, since they doesn't even want to concern themselves with those little things, and yet began to look at it as it become a bigger problems or matters. Why don't they look at it while it still small and doesn't any big impacts?

Children always wants to know, wants to have. They didn't know how small or big is it, but they didn't let chances to go by just like that. Even if they didn't say it, the reaction is obvious. To bad that will be gone when they've grew up becoming an "adult" and depressing themselves with big matters that started with little things they've ignored as an "adult".

- "This is just a peace of my mind after observing people around me, my own family, and of course my self. So no offense for those who read it and feel offended by my words, and I'm not saying it was applied to all people." - 

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